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Lucy's tree will brighten up New Mole House


Local student Lucy Rees has raised over £400 for the Mindspace Project by selling small homemade Christmas trees. However, a much bigger tree is about to brighten up the offices at New Mole House.


Although most of Lucy’s trees have been designed for desktops, she also made just one tree that was 60mm tall and it was Lucy’s aim to sell this larger tree to a commercial company in return for a corporate donation to her chosen charity.


Thorncliffe, a community engagement firm based in London, bought the tree in return for a £100 donation to the Mindspace Project. One of Thorncliffe’s senior staff, Deborah Paterson said:


“There isn’t time to bring this lovely tree over to our offices in the UK so we would like to donate it to the Royal Gibraltar Police so that it can brighten up the police station while officers are on duty over Christmas and the New Year.  I have visited Gibraltar many times and I have the highest regard for the RGP.”


Anyone wishing to contribute to Lucy’s appeal can do so at