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Man and Juvenile Charged with Immigration Offences

Two Albanian nationals have been charged with immigration offences after being arrested at Gibraltar Airport last Saturday (13/02/21).

Drilon PICARI, 29, and a 15-year-old juvenile, have been charged with the offences of Knowingly Using a Forged or Irregular Passport and for a Non-Gibraltarian Found in Gibraltar without a Valid Permit or Certificate.

The males were arrested by the Royal Gibraltar Police’s Special Branch officers following an intelligence-led operation.

The pair had entered Gibraltar from Spain with the intention of boarding a flight to the United Kingdom using counterfeit Slovak & Romanian passports.

Albanian citizens require visas to enter both Gibraltar and the UK.

Both individuals were arrested, interviewed and later charged with the offences in question.

They will be appearing before the Magistrates’ Court this morning (16/02/21).