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Man Arrested after Drugs Seizure


A local man has been arrested after Class A drugs with a street value of around £4,488 were seized by the RGP’s Drug Squad yesterday.


The man, 28, was arrested after Drug Squad detectives and Customs Officers from the Flexible Anti-Smuggling Team (FAST) executed a Search Warrant at a residence within Mid Harbour Estate just after 2pm.


After forcing entry and following a search, officers found multiple individual plastic wrappers, all containing white powder suspected of being cocaine. 


Furthermore, two vacuum-sealed plastic bags containing a compressed, white in colour powder, also suspected of being cocaine, was also located and seized. 


Paraphernalia associated with the supply of controlled drugs were also found, including cash, digital scales and plastic wrappers. 


The suspected drugs were later analysed by Crime Scene Investigators and gave a total combined weight of about 74.8 grams. 


The man was then arrested on suspicion for the offences of Possession and Possession With Intent to Supply Controlled Class A Drugs and taken to New Mole House Police Station for questioning. 


He was later bailed, pending a forensic analysis of the drugs, as well as further enquiries.