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Man Arrested Following Police Chase


A 47-year-old local man was arrested late last night following a police chase.

The incident happened at around 2210hrs on Tuesday night when officers from the Gibraltar Defence Police were patrolling the area of Europa Advance Road.

They noticed a locally registered vehicle driving at speed and in an erratic manner.

Officers signalled for the vehicle to stop by activating the emergency beacons but the vehicle continued to drive at speed into Eliott’s Close, before colliding with a stationary vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle then ran off but he was caught by officers following a foot pursuit.

RGP officers attended and then arrested the man on suspicion of:

 Dangerous Driving

 Resisting or Obstructing Police

 Transportation of Dangerous Goods

The vehicle was then searched and officers found 26 x containers with 25 litres of fuel in each.

The male was also fined for breaches of the Civil Contingencies Emergency Regulations – as he had broken the curfew and was not wearing a mask.

The investigation is ongoing.