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Man Arrested on Suspicion of Possession of Drugs and of an Offensive Weapon


In the early hours of this morning, officers on Line Wall Road stopped a motorcycle which they believed was exceeding the speed limit.

When the rider came to a halt, they smelled cannabis on his clothing and advised him that he would be detained for a search. He immediately handed over a piece of what appeared to be cannabis resin but, when searching him, officers found a second piece of cannabis concealed in a packet of cigarettes.

The 19 year-old man was then arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Controlled Class B Drug.

When officers checked the motorcycle, they found a pouch containing a set of knuckle dusters which also incorporated a Taser-type stun gun. The man was further arrested on suspicion of being in Possession of an Offensive Weapon.

Once at New Mole House, the man was tested by means of a drug wipe which gave a positive result so he was yet further arrested on suspicion of Driving whilst Under the Influence of Drugs.

He was bailed to reappear at New Mole House in a few weeks’ time.

An RGP spokesman said, ‘This is a particularly worrying case. This young man was driving under the influence of drugs and had access to a highly dangerous weapon. The combination of drugs and an offensive weapon is something that we take very seriously. The weapon has now been seized and can no longer be used on the streets of Gibraltar.’