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Man Fined for Sex Act in Public Toilet


A local man has been fined £332 after being caught committing a sexual act in a public toilet.


Joseph LIMA, 79, was sentenced at the Magistrates’ Court this morning after pleading guilty to one charge of Sexual Activity in a Public Lavatory.


The court heard that at around 12 noon on Friday 31 March 2023, the manager at the ICC Shopping Centre contacted the RGP, explaining that he had received several reports from staff and security with regards to sexual activity within the male public toilets on the first floor.


He added that all the reports were of one male suspect, who had been observed by staff within the toilet on numerous occasions within the last few months, including earlier that day. CCTV footage was then shown to RGP officers from the 31 March incident, where the suspect was pointed out.


Following a police investigation, a witness was spoken to, who told police that he had seen LIMA and another male committing a sex act on each other in plain view of anyone entering the toilet at around 3pm on Monday 20 March 2023.


At around 3pm on 3 April 2023, officers received information that the suspect was in the ICC. The man entered the male toilets, but was promptly removed by Response Team officers and arrested on suspicion of Sexual Activity within a Public Lavatory – for which he was later charged.


Enquiries as to the identity of the second suspect are ongoing.