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Man Jailed for 16 Weeks


A local man who broke into a city centre restaurant and stole £465 from a slot machine was jailed for 14 weeks yesterday.


Christian Baglietto, 44, of Glacis Estate, was sentenced at the Magistrates’ Court for two separate cases, after pleading guilty to Burglary, Attempted Burglary and Going Equipped for Stealing.


In the first case on Saturday 18 June, the police Control Room received a call at 4:26am from a security guard at Sir William Jackson Grove, stating he had seen a suspicious male in the garage approaching numerous vehicles.


On being challenged by the guard, Baglietto ran off. Police arrived minutes later and started searching the area, before finding him just after 5:20am near Westside School, who matched the description of the suspicious male. He was searched and officers found a screwdriver and a large Allen key in his possession.


He was arrested on suspicion of Going Equipped for Stealing. He pleaded guilty to this offence and was sentenced to four weeks in HM Prison.


In the second incident, Baglietto and another male attempted to break into Latino’s Bistro on Main Street just after 2:20am on Sunday 21 August last month.


They did not manage to force entry, but caused damage to the doors.


The restaurant’s owner then checked his CCTV, which showed Baglietto and another male causing the damage.


Just after 3am on Monday 29 August, Baglietto returned to the Bistro with the other male and successfully forced entry, causing further damage to the doors and a slot machine, which was emptied of £460. 


On Tuesday 30 August, officers identified Baglietto from the CCTV footage and arrested him later that day at an address on Prince Edwards Road. 


In interview, he admitted the Attempted Burglary and Burglary at Latinos.


In court, he was sentenced to ten weeks in HM Prison, to be served consecutively with his other sentence of four weeks.