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Man Jailed for Assaulting Woman


A man who sexually assaulted a woman before slapping her so hard she needed £360 of dental work has been sentenced to 24 weeks behind bars.


Mohamed El Ghalouri, 57, of Lynch’s Lane, pleaded guilty to Sexual Assault and Common Assault, and was sentenced in the Magistrates’ Court yesterday afternoon.


The court heard that at around 8.15pm on Wednesday 3 of November 2021, the female victim was at Casa Antonio when she approached El Ghalouri, mistaking him for a friend. After realising she had mistakenly identified him, she returned to the bar. 


Shortly afterwards, El Ghalouri approached the victim from behind and grabbed her breast. 


After an argument, El Ghalouri then slapped the woman three times across the face, knocking three of her dental crowns out.


The RGP were called and on arrival arrested El Ghalouri – with the victim making a complaint to the police. 


In court, he was sentenced to 24 weeks in prison for the Sexual Assault and received No Separate Penalty for the Common Assault.