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Man Jailed for Assaulting Woman


A local man has been jailed for 12 months after a “harrowing” assault on a former girlfriend.


Kaylan Scaniglia, 23, of Moorish Castle Estate, was found guilty of Actual Bodily Harm, Threats to Kill, Common Assault and Criminal Damage, following a trial at the Magistrates’ Court.


After being held on remand at HM Prison since 25 January last month pending a pre-sentencing report, he was jailed for 12 months for the ABH and given no separate penalty for the remaining charges.


The court heard that in the early hours of Thursday 8 July 2021, Scaniglia had returned to his home in an aggressive manner and fearing for her safety, his partner had locked herself in the bathroom.


Whilst in the bathroom, the victim placed her phone on record and hid it. After gaining entry to the bathroom, Scaniglia held the blade of a flick knife to the woman’s throat.


He then punched her multiple times, pulled her hair and spat at her, before banging her head against a wall.


In court, the audio of the assault was played, which was described as “harrowing.”


In sentencing, Stipendiary Magistrate Charles Pitto said it was “one of the nastiest assaults” that had come before the courts in years.


An RGP spokesman said: “Domestic Abuse has no place in Gibraltar and, if reported, it will be treated with all the seriousness it deserves.”


If you are a victim of domestic abuse or you know someone who is, please contact the RGP’s Domestic Abuse Team in the strictest of confidence on:


• Phone: 20067001

• Email:

• Mobile/WhatsApp: 54086014