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Man Jailed for Burglary


A local man was sentenced to six months in prison by the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, after pleading guilty to a burglary.


Angelo Podesta, 42, of Laguna Estate, also pleaded guilty to Assault on Police and Obstructing Police, but received no separate penalty for these offences. 


The court heard that at 0427hrs on Sunday 5 June this month, Podesta forced entry to the main door of Angel Wings Pub on Waterport Road.


Once inside, he stole approximately £150 from the till, as well as damaging furniture and a fruit machine.


Podesta was later identified on CCTV and at 1700 later that same day, officers spotted him on Bayside Road.


He then ran off from officers but was caught and handcuffed on Winston Churchill Avenue following a short chase on foot.


Podesta then spat in the face of an officer, before being taken to New Mole House.