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Man Jailed for False Imprisonment


A local man who knocked a woman’s tooth out before falsely imprisoning her in his home has been jailed for two years.


Anthony Gilbert, 47, of Glacis Estate, was sentenced at the Supreme Court yesterday, after pleading guilty to a charge of False Imprisonment. 


The court heard that just after 10pm on Friday 29 April last year, a domestic incident had occurred between Gilbert and his partner at the time.


Gilbert had smashed a take-away container with such force that it dislodged one of her front teeth. 


The victim then attempted to leave the residence, but Gilbert locked the front door and refused to let her leave, before taking her mobile phone to prevent her calling the police.


The victim was forced to stay the night at the residence, but in the morning she collected her belongings and again asked to leave.


On leaving, Gilbert threw her belongings out of the residence and followed her to a bus stop. He then stole her mobile phone before she flagged down a bus and left the area without him.


Later that day she reported the incident to the RGP and Gilbert was arrested that same day.


In court, charges of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm and Theft were withdrawn and kept on file. Mr Justice Restano sentenced Gilbert to 27 months, but reduced this to 24 months, due to his guilty plea.


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