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Man Jailed For Over 12 Years


A local man has been jailed for raping a woman twice – following a Royal Gibraltar Police investigation.


Elton Glover, 47, of Prince Edwards Road, was sentenced to a total of 12 years and six months at the Supreme Court last Friday afternoon (21 June).


He was found guilty by majority verdicts in a trial last April of raping a woman on two separate dates in September and October 2019.


He was also found guilty of one count of False Imprisonment, after locking the woman in a flat for three days and taking away her mobile phone.


Chief Justice Anthony Dudley, referring to a pre-sentence report, said: “Mr Glover has an extensive and prolific offending history, which dates back to 1994. He has many convictions for violence, GBH with Intent, Drunk and Disorderly, Harassing Conduct, Disorderly or Indecent Conduct Whilst Intoxicated, Affray, Assisting the Commission of an Offence and drug offences amongst other convictions.”


He added that according to the report, Glover “…is in complete denial of these offences” and has not expressed any regret or remorse for his actions.”


The judge added that the victim suffered “serious psychological harm” following the incidents.


Glover received a six year sentence for the first rape and six years and six months for the second rape – to be served consecutively. 


He received a sentence of three years for the False Imprisonment, which will be served concurrently.


Mr Justice Dudley added that the time Glover had already spent on remand will be taken off his 12 and a half year sentence.


Glover did not react as the sentences were read out in court.


Cristina Wright appeared for the Crown. 


Tom Hillman represented Glover.