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Man Sentenced for Assaulting Police Officers


A local man who brandished a 30cm-long machete at officers was sentenced to six months behind bars last Friday.


Just after 8pm on Saturday 14 May this year, Ziade Attou was spotted by Response Team officers sliding the machete into his waistband at the bus stop opposite Police Barracks in the Upper Town.


The 36-year-old then began to walk towards two officers, who instructed him to stand back, which he ignored.


He then brandished the machete at officers, who responded by spraying him with Captor – an incapacitant spray. 


Attou then ran off and during the short foot chase, he swung the machete at one of the officers.


He was arrested just over a minute later at the rear of Willis’ House and the weapon was seized.


Later that same evening, Attou was taken to Saint Bernard’s Hospital for a medical examination. On being discharged and escorted back to the police van, he spat in an officer’s face.


At the Magistrates’ Court, Attou, of Paradise Ramp, pleaded guilty to all charges and was sentenced to one month for Assault on Police (spitting) and 24 weeks for Assault to Prevent Arrest.


The court requested that both sentences were to run concurrently, meaning they are served at the same time.


For the other charges that Attou pleaded guilty to, of Obstructing Police and two further counts of Assault on Police, he received no separate penalty.


Due to time already served, ATTOU was released from HM Prison last Friday, having served just over 15 weeks of his 24-week sentence.


Richard Ullger, Commissioner of Police, said: “I’m extremely proud of the way my officers responded to this incident on the day. The video shows how our officers put their lives at risk to help keep Gibraltar safe. 


“Carrying weapons like this will not be tolerated on our streets and we will use all the resources available to bring offenders to justice in a robust manner.”