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Man Sentenced for Drink Driving Offence


A Cuban man has been fined £500 and banned from driving for 22 months after a drink driving offence last Saturday.


Yoilet Batista Leyva, 39, of Queensway, pleaded guilty to Failing to Supply a Specimen and was sentenced at the Magistrates’ Court this morning.


Officers had initially moved Batista Leyva on from the Small Boats Marina after he was seen drinking from a bottle of rum and bothering members of the public.


Leyva left the area on foot but a short while later, just after midnight, the same officers spotted him driving away from Coaling Island in a Suzuki Swift.


Officers stopped the vehicle on Waterport Road and Batista Leyva blew 115ug on a roadside breath test – more than three times the legal limit of 35ug.


He was arrested on suspicion of Driving with Alcohol Concentration over Limit and taken to New Mole House Custody Suite.


He refused to supply a specimen of breath on the evidential breath test machine stating: “I’m not going to blow.”


Batista Leyva was then charged for court.