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Man Sentenced for Possession of Laughing Gas Canisters


A local man has been fined £1,000 after being caught with 672 Nitrous Oxide Canisters.


The canisters, known commonly as “Laughing Gas,” have a street value of approximately £560.


Mounir Sahabi, 24, of Castle Ramp, pleaded guilty to Possession of a Prohibited Import at the Magistrates’ Court and was sentenced last Friday.


He also pleaded guilty to Possession of 10.77 grams of Cannabis (approximately £54), for which he received a fine of £300.


His arrest came just after 5pm on Friday 19 August this year, when detectives from the RGP’s Crime Division, acting on information received, attended the area of Grand Parade Car Park.


They found Sahabi sitting in a Volkswagen Golf and detained him for a search.


Officers found the cannabis in his trouser pockets, whilst the Nitrous Oxide was found on the back seat of his vehicle in two cardboard boxes.


He was arrested and taken to New Mole House to be interviewed. He was bailed whilst the investigation continued and charged on his return to the police station.


Nitrous Oxide Canisters are not listed in the Drugs Misuse Regulations as Controlled Drugs, but their possession is restricted under the Imports and Exports Act.


The Government of Gibraltar is currently in the process of amending the legislation to list the canisters in the Drugs Misuse Regulations as a Controlled Drug.