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Master of Fishing Boat Reported


The Master of a Spanish fishing boat has been reported for numerous offences this morning following a multi-agency operation.


Just after 9am, the fishing boat was stopped in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW) and the Spanish national, 33, was reported for process by RGP Marine Section Officers, assisted by the Department of Environment and HM Customs Marine Section.


It follows the reporting of numerous offences to the RGP involving the same fishing boat, dating back to the beginning of May this year.


The man was reported for: 


• 4 x counts of Prohibition of Certain Methods of Killing or Taking Wild Animals Contrary to Section 10 of the Nature Protection Act (illegal fishing). 


• 2 x counts of Dangerous Navigation Contrary to Section 10 Seaside Pleasure Boats Rules 1989


• 1 x count of Intentional Alarm, Harassment and Distress contrary to Section 88 of the Crimes Act 2011 (threatening behaviour)


• 1 x count of Protection of Certain Wild Animals Contrary to Section 8 (1) of the Nature Protection Act (fishing of endangered species).


• 1 x count of Obstructing a Wildlife Officer contrary to Section 16 & 21 of the Nature Protection Act.


An RGP spokesman said: “Proactive efforts to deal with this fishing boat have been ongoing for some weeks and they culminated in today’s positive and robust action.”