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MOUs signed between RGP and GDP

The Commissioner of Police and the GDP’s Chief of Police have today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which outlines the coordination of approach to policing in Gibraltar by the respective forces, with a view to achieve the primary responsibility to protect life and to deliver the best policing when responding to incidents, joint operations and investigations.

The MoU also clarifies the limitations of GDP jurisdiction, based to a great extent on similar provisions that exist in the United Kingdom.

It therefore provides the Commissioner of Police with the ability to request support from the GDP when such support is required.

An additional MoU has been signed concerning any Firearms Operations which involve both the RGP and the GDP.

This MoU outlines the areas of responsibility and command function, channels of communication and primacy of command at various stages of a multi-agency operation.

It is intended to provide clear guidance to both RGP and GDP for the deployment of GDP Authorised Firearms Officers operating in Gibraltar.

Richard Ullger, Commissioner of Police, said: “The signing of these two MOUs is an important step forward as we seek to remove any grey areas in the way that the two forces operate alongside each other. After any major incident, especially one involving firearms, it is absolutely essential that everyone is clear as to the extent and limits of their responsibilities.”

Rob Allen, the Chief of Police for the GDP said: “The Commissioner and I are committed to ensuring that the most seamless policing service possible is delivered for both Defence and the wider community in Gibraltar. This MOU will further strengthen the bond between the two forces and provide the means for GDP officers to act in all necessary circumstances; this can only be of benefit to the wider community as well as Defence interests in Gibraltar.”