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Multiple Arrests over the Weekend


Royal Gibraltar Police officers have responded to a large number of incidents this weekend.


Response Teams dealt with dozens of offences including robbery, burglary, drink driving, disorderly conduct whilst intoxicated, drug possession and several domestic incidents.


In total – 18 people were arrested and brought into New Mole House’s custody suite over the weekend.


Friday evening also saw a deployment of Project Servator officers at multiple hot spots around Gibraltar.


This saw both RGP and Gibraltar Defence Police officers team up, resulting in a number of arrests by both uniformed and plain-clothes officers, with 10 drivers also fined for traffic offences.


Here is a summary of some of the incidents dealt with since Friday evening.


1800 Fri 27 May to 0700 Sat 28 May


At 1846, plain-clothes officers patrolling Ocean Village arrested a local man, 21, on suspicion of Possession of a Class A Drug and Possession of a Class B Drug. A second local man, 27, was also arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Class B Drug. 


At 0230, a local woman, 48, was arrested in the area of Cannon Lane on suspicion of Disorderly Conduct while Intoxicated.


At 0300, a local man, 51, was arrested in Bayside Road on suspicion of Possession of a Class A drug and Possession of a Class B drug. A Spanish national, 39, was also arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Class A drug.


0700 Sat 28 May to 0700 Sun 29 May


At 2125, a member of staff at McDonalds reported that a woman had reversed her car into a barrier, thereby causing it damage. The member of staff further reported that, when telling staff what she had done, the woman’s speech was slurred and, before driving off, she was unsteady on her feet. Officers later arrested a local woman, 42, on suspicion of Driving with Alcohol over the Limit after she blew 97ug in a roadside test. The limit is 35ug.


At 2255, following a report of a fight taking place in Ocean Village, officers arrested a local man, 36, on suspicion of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.


At 0100, a report was received of a burglary taking place in a property at Europa Mews. Officers attended and found no-one inside the property but two motorcycle helmets on the sofa and a smell of cannabis in the premises. Enquiries are ongoing.


At 0210, officers attended a domestic incident in Varyl Begg Estate, in which a local man alleged that he had been assaulted. A local woman, 24, was arrested on suspicion of Common Assault, of Destroying Property and of Possession of a Class B Drug.


At 0310, the owner of a restaurant in Marina Bay reported that CCTV showed that two males had been attempting to break into the restaurant via its rear door. An investigation is ongoing.


0700 Sun 29 May to 0700 Mon 30 May


At 1200, police received a report that some unknown person had tried to break into a licensed premises in the Westside area, between 0100 29 May and 1100 that morning. Police are investigating.  


At 0450, a local man, 23, was arrested in Glacis Estate on suspicion of Burglary and for Failing to Appear at the Magistrates’ Court. His arrest followed a call made to the Police Control Room from a member of the public of a burglary in progress at a business in the area. On arrival, police saw persons running away from the area and into Glacis Estate. Officers chased and caught a suspect. He was then searched and found to have around 176 euros and £146 in notes and change on his person, which was suspected to have been stolen from the burglary. Enquiries continue. 


At 0510, four males, aged, 20, 20, 17 and 15, were arrested in Marina Bay Car Park on suspicion of Robbery. Their arrest came after a man reported to officers (who were dealing with another matter in Glacis Estate) that he had just been robbed. The victim stated he had been in the forecourt of Cepsa Petrol Station, when a local car pulled up beside him with several persons inside. One man got out of the car and threatened the victim with what he described as a taser-like weapon and demanded money. The victim then handed over money and the vehicle drove off. Minutes later, officers spotted and stopped the vehicle, before arresting the four occupants. One suspect, 20, was also found to have approximately 5 grams of cannabis on him. Enquiries continue.

Richard Ullger, Commissioner of Police, said: “Some incredible work over the weekend by our officers. I am immensely grateful to them all for playing their part in keeping Gibraltar safe.”