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New Governor visits RGP Headquarters

Recently appointed Governor Vice Admiral Sir David Steel KBE DL, paid a courtesy visit to New Mole House Police Station today to meet interim RGP Commissioner Richard Ullger and the rest of the Senior Management Team.
Interim Commissioner Richard Ullger said: “We were delighted and honoured to receive the new Governor at New Mole House earlier today. Sir David was keen to learn about the important work that we do in Gibraltar to uphold the law for the good of the community.   “I was also pleased to brief him on the unique aspects of policing in a territory the size of Gibraltar, on other distinctive features associated to our geographical location and the fact that we carry out duties as a local and National police force rolled into one.”
“We look forward to working closely with the Governor’s office and establishing a strong relationship with Sir David on all matters of mutual interest.”  
Sir David had an opportunity to meet the Senior Command Team to discuss on going police business.  He was later briefed on some of the daily tasks that are coordinated from the Control Room and the Custody Suite and given a first-hand insight of policing in Gibraltar, the day to day law enforcement responsibilities and the very intricate and specialized operations that are also performed by the RGP.