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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

'On Yer Bike!'


‘On Yer Bike!’


Sometimes police officers need to follow or even chase a suspect.  Sometimes a lot of preparatory work is necessary before an arrest can be made… and sometimes the suspect just rides right up to them on a bike!


In the early hours of this morning, two plain clothes officers were patrolling in Ocean Village when they thought they overheard a phone conversation in which a man was trying to buy some drugs.


The officers then observed and, within minutes, a 27 year-old man arrived at the scene on his bicycle and started to pull something from his pocket.


Having identified themselves, the officers informed the cyclist that he was about to be searched.  He opened his hands and promptly dropped two green wrappers containing a substance which is thought to be cocaine. He also dropped a large quantity of cash. 


The man was promptly arrested on suspicion of Possession of a Controlled Class A Drug and of Possession with Intent to Supply a Class A Drug.


Arrests don’t come much easier than that.