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One, two, three and pull!


Q. How many officers does it take to pull a police van around Gibraltar? 

A. Eight – with four also shaking buckets to collect money for charity along the way.

This Saturday morning, as part of the RGP’s Family Fun Day, our trainee officers will pull the response vehicle around Gibraltar’s streets between 1030am and midday.

It’s all for a good cause with funds being donated to the EV Foundation – a Gibraltar based charity that helps families on both sides of the border, whose household income is insufficient to afford basic necessities.

They plan to lug the van from Casemates, down Main Street, through Cathedral Square, south on Line Wall Road to Trafalgar Roundabout, down Ragged Staff Gates and then back along Queensway to Casemates.

Please be aware, there may be some delays on these roads while the event is happening.

Come and cheer them on if you’re about!

For more information on the Family Fun Day visit Family Fun Day