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Policía Nacional hand over Southease robbery suspect to RGP

Policía Nacional yesterday handed over Moroccan national Hamza Mesmoudi 29, to the RG Police at the land border with Spain, in compliance with a European Arrest Warrant issued by the Gibraltar Supreme Court.

Mesmoudi is wanted in Gibraltar in connection with the Southease tobacco warehouse robbery in June 2017. 

The suspect was conveyed to New Mole House where he was processed and charged with Conspiracy to Rob and Robbery.

Mesmoudi had been originally arrested in June 2017 on suspicion of Robbery but upon release fled the jurisdiction after the court denied a warrant for further detention.

He was arrested by Policía Nacional on October 24 2019 in Tarifa, Spain, and brought back to the Rock on the strength of a European Arrest Warrant.

Mesmoudi’s arrest followed extensive police inquiries, the compilation of forensic evidence and international police cooperation.
He will be appearing in the Magistrates Court this morning.