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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Policing National Day


It will be the biggest policing event since the last proper National Day in 2019 – before the start of Covid restrictions.


This Sunday, thousands of people will dress in red and white at various locations around the Rock to celebrate National Day.


From a political rally and music concerts, to packed beaches and a firework display, it promises to be the busiest day of the year for the Royal Gibraltar Police.


So, it goes without saying that with so many people celebrating, police chiefs have been busy planning to make sure there is a large enough police presence on the Rock.


In fact, the event will see an extra 50 police officers on duty, with the majority working on their rest days to bolster the force’s numbers.


Specialist officers are also being deployed ahead of, and, during the event. These will include Licensed Search Officers, who will make sure public areas are safe, and, Project Servator Officers, who will be looking out for any suspicious behaviour and characters.


Superintendent Nolan Romero explained that around 50 per cent of the RGP’s workforce will be policing National Day in various ways, together with over 30 stewards and security guards.


So how much pre-planning is needed for an event like this?


He said: “We started planning for National Day over three months ago with both organisers and the Safety Advisory Group members, which includes organisations such as the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service, Gibraltar Ambulance Service, Gibraltar Cultural Services and Highways.


“One of the main difficulties the RGP faces is assessing risk and threats. And this includes making sure we have enough of a police presence to ensure public safety on the day.


“This is a family orientated occasion, and we want everyone to enjoy themselves and be responsible.


“But, rest assured, the RGP will be working hard to keep everyone safe during what will no doubt be a long, but we hope, enjoyable day.”