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Policing the Coronation


It was the one of the biggest policing operations ever seen in the UK.


Thousands of people turned up to watch the Coronation of King Charles III last Saturday – alongside a record deployment of more than 29,000 police officers from across the UK, the Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.


And among those helping to keep the capital safe during this iconic moment in history were two Royal Gibraltar Police Officers – Mike Heap and Nathan Bamber-Gates.



Dressed in their traditional police tunics, the officers were stationed in Parliament Square from 9am to 3pm for the event – and were even spotted on TV as the members of the Royal Family drove past.


So, what was it like policing such a historic event?


Mike, 34, who has been in the RGP for seven years and is a self-confessed Royal fan, said: “It was an amazing experience. One of the highlights was being so close to, and, being part of the ceremony itself, standing proud in our tunics and guarding the line so to speak, where the King and the Parade were travelling.

“We also worked with a number of officers from forces around the UK and the British Overseas Territories, which I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do normally. 


“I felt immensely proud and honoured to represent the RGP and the people of Gibraltar, who might not have been able to make it that day. I felt very privileged to wear my tunic and custodian helmet with its Gibraltar flag, whilst stood guard in Parliament Square.



Nathan added it was an early start on the day, with both officers up at 5am ahead of their deployment, which saw both of them soaked by the rain. 


Nathan, 26, who has been an RGP officer for four years, said: “It was extremely busy, there were a lot of people – a completely different experience to Gibraltar!

“It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m grateful for being given the chance to go. The highlight of the day was definitely being able to see the King drive past me in the carriage."