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Policing the Royal Visit






During the Royal visit from 7th – 9th June, many additional security arrangements will be in place around Gibraltar with specially-trained Project Servator officers being deployed at various locations.  

Some of the security arrangements will be immediately obvious to members of the public (additional police officers, military personnel, CCTV cameras, etc) but other important measures will be less visible. 

Next week, in particular, members of the public can assist the RGP by reporting anything that does not look right or seem right.  Anyone with any concerns is asked to report their observations to New Mole House on 20072500 (199 in an emergency) or via the website on  

As part of the Royal visit programme, the following arrangements will be in place: 



From 1700hrs on Tuesday 7th June until 1200hrs on the 8th, vehicles will not be permitted to park in Moorish Castle Estate’s top and lower levels. 

From 1800hrs on 8th June, no parking will be permitted in the Landport Ditch car park. 

From 0001hrs on 9th June, the parking of vehicles will not be permitted on Fish Market Road from the bend to the junction with Market Place.



From 0600hrs on 9th June, the Taxi Rank at Casemates Hill will be suspended and taxis will operate from the bus lay-by at Corral Road. Bus services will operate from Waterport Road. 

On 9th June, no vehicles unconnected with the Queen’s Birthday Parade will be permitted within Market Place Bus Terminus. 

From 0700hrs on 9th June, Fish Market Road and Corral Road will be closed to all traffic (excluding taxis using the bus lay-by on Corral Road.) 

Any vehicles requiring to leave Fish Market Car Park must do so via Main Street (South) and into Engineer Lane. 

Commercial vehicles needing to access Main Street for deliveries will enter via John Mackintosh Square (City Hall) travel north along Irish Town to Cooperage Lane and then into Main Street.  No vehicles will be permitted to stop in Irish Town to make deliveries.  

Crutchett’s Ramp will be closed to all traffic throughout the morning of 9 June..



During the morning of 9th June, the parking bays on the Eastbound lane of Waterport Road (opposite Watergardens) will be used as the bus terminus.



From 0001hrs on 9th June, no bicycles may be left in the bicycle racks situated within Landport Tunnel.


It is expected that all the above traffic restrictions on 9th June will be lifted immediately following the Queen’s Birthday Parade.


We thank all those affected for their patience and understanding.