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Promotions within the RGP

A total of 16 Royal Gibraltar Police officers have been promoted to a higher rank following the Promotion Boards held at New Mole House earlier this month.

As a result Inspectors Mark Wyan, Paul Chipolina and Thomas Tunbridge have been promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector; Sergeants Sean Picton, Stephen Riley, Neil Zammit and Mark Schembri to the rank of Inspector; and Police Constables Elliott Brooke, Mary de Santos, Luis Miguel Garcia White, Stuart Manfred, Helena Fortunato, Martyn Connor, Catherine Chappory, Donovan Galia and Jonathan Goodson to the rank of Sergeant.

The vacancies arose following the retirement of a number of senior and intermediate ranks.

The recently appointed Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger welcomed the results of the Promotion Board and congratulated the successful officers for having progressed in their policing career.

He also expressed gratitude to the Minister for Justice and the chairman of the Gibraltar Police Authority for approving the promotions that will be carried out to enhance the effectiveness of the service provided to the public.