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Queen’s Birthday Parade – Grand Casemates Square


Just a reminder that later today we have the Queen’s Birthday Parade in Casemates Square.


So there will be a number of traffic diversions and parking restrictions in place from 1600hrs, including:


• No parking on Casemates Hill 

• No parking on Fish Market Road from the bend, north to the junction with Market Place

• No parking on Waterport Road parking bays (eastbound/opposite Watergardens) 

• No parking on Corral Road parking lay by

• Fish Market Road and Crutchett’s Ramp will be closed to traffic from 1600hrs until approximately 1930hrs. 

• No bicycles will be allowed on the bicycle racks situated within Land Port Tunnel as from 0900hrs to 2100hrs today.


In addition, the Bus Terminal will be moved to outside Ocean Village and the Taxi Rank moved to Corral Road.


Enjoy the parade!