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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

RA Freedom of the City March - Traffic Plan


On Saturday 10 June, members of the Royal Artillery will exercise their Freedom of the City by marching, south to north, along Main Street, starting at 1115.  As a result, there will be various road closures and parking restrictions.

Details are below.

Parking Restrictions:

           Trafalgar Hill (Taxi Rank)

           Main Street (from John Mackintosh Hall through to Convent Place)

           Cathedral Square

           John Mackintosh Square

           Fish Market lane (under Bridge)

           Casemates Hill

           Corral Road PSV & loading bay opposite Gilberts.

           Motorcycle Parking area on Corral Road

Short Term Road Closures (mainly 30 – 45 minutes)

           Northbound lane of Trafalgar Hill into Main Street (opposite SOHO)

           Main Street from Trafalgar through to No6. 10mins before the parade begins

           Convent Ramp 10 mins before the parade begins

           Cathedral Square

           George’s Lane as the parade enters Main St

           Library St & Cannon Lane as the parade enters Main St

           City Hall as the parade enters Main St

Longer Term Road Closures (approx 4 hours)

           Engineer Lane

           Irish Town

           Fish Market Road (under bridge) / Cooperage Lane

           Crutchett’s Ramp

           Casemates Hill


           Except Trafalgar Hill, where traffic will be diverted to the roundabout, temporary road closures will only start shortly before the parade begins.

           On the commencement of the march, once the entirety of the parade has entered Main St (Pedestrianised) the road will be re-opened for normal flow.

Bus Routes:

           Will remain unaffected apart for the lower Trafalgar Hill bus stop & whilst Main Street is closed.