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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

RGP Campaign Tackles Card Fraud


Detectives from the RGP’s Economic Crime Unit have been raising awareness of Card Not Present Fraud (CNPF) in the town centre today.


The officers visited dozens of businesses on Main Street to explain how the scam works and to raise awareness amongst both retailers and members of the public.


Over the past three years alone, several retailers in Gibraltar have lost over £100,000 after being targeted by fraudsters. 


As part of the RGP campaign, a specially designed poster is being distributed to businesses, which highlights the suspicious activity associated with CNPF. 


Detective Constable Emily Bright, of the Economic Crime Unit, said: “In general, a fraudster will enter a store and attempt to make payment using a fraudulent bankcard. The fraudster will often take control of the Point of Sale (POS) machine and manually enter the details of the fraudulent bankcard by selecting the ‘Card Not Present' option. 


“The payment is then authorised, and the fraudsters leave the store with the goods. Most of the time, the retailer will only discover that the transaction was fraudulent once they receive a Chargeback Letter from the card issuer informing them that the cardholder did not authorise or participate in the transaction. The disputed amount is then debited from the retailer’s account.”



Suspicious Activity that Could Indicate CNPF:


1. The use of multiple cards and declined attempts. 

2. Expensive purchases. 

3. Taking control of the POS machine. 

4. Rushing or distracting the cashier. 

5. Constantly using their mobile telephone. 

6. Using non-UK issued bankcards.


DC Bright added: “Usually fraudsters would travel to Gibraltar in small groups of 2-3 persons in order to target local retailers. However, we have also received reports where these fraudsters are conducting these purchases over the telephone with a view to collect the items purchased at a later date.


“The message from the ECU is that by working in partnership with local businesses, we will create an environment in which it is increasingly more difficult for fraudsters to operate.”