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RGP donates to local charities

Despite the many limitations imposed by the pandemic, the RGP Charity Committee has maintained its tradition of presenting financial donations to local charities. At New Mole House today, the Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger, accompanied by Inspector Alex Enriles, Chairman of the Charity Committee, presented cheques to: 

Jackie Dalli of GHITA

Derek Ghio of Prostate Cancer Support 

Tania Aguilar of Clubhouse

Louis Baldachino and Yolanda Ward of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness 

Lizanne Hammond of Breast Cancer Support

Paul Lyons of Save the Children 

Annie Green of Childline 

A cheque was also forwarded to Research into Childhood Cancer who were unable to attend. 

In addition, the Charity Committee presented a Mobility scooter to the Association of Retired Police Officers. 


he Commissioner of Police said, ‘I am extremely grateful to our officers and staff for all their efforts, at a very difficult time, to raise money throughout the year.  Only by these exceptional efforts were we able to make the presentations today.’