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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

RGP Leadership Seminar


A seminar designed to improve the leadership skills of Royal Gibraltar Police officers and civilian staff was held at the University of Gibraltar today.


More than 50 people attended the event which featured a number of speakers from both inside and outside of the organisation.


Speakers included the Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger and several senior RGP officers, as well as Major John Pitto MBE, the Second in Command of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, Kevin Jones, the Chief Executive Officer of Bassadone Automotive Group, Brenda Cuby the CEO of Gib Samaritans and Janet Brear – former Assistant Chief Officer for the Police Forces of Yorkshire and Humberside.


Now in its second year, the event was organised by the RGP’s Chief Inspectors Alex Enriles and Dylan Quigley.


Officers of the rank of Sergeant and above, including officers promoted this week and civilian staff of the rank of Executive Officer or above, were invited.


During the day, presentations included the force’s financial position, ethics, disciplinary matters, wellbeing, burnout, women in leadership and challenges within the organisation.




CI Dylan Quigley, said: “We invited a number of external speakers to explain what works and what doesn’t work in their organisation. We want to reinforce the importance of having the correct leadership skills and core values, which are similar for most organisations. It’s all about learning and the main thing is improving.


“The people of our organisation are the key to our success, so we want them to have the right leadership skills, which in turn, provides the best possible service to our community.”


Commissioner Richard Ullger, added: “We are always striving to improve leadership within our organisation and instil integrity, honesty and respect in all of our officers and civilian staff. We also promote servant leadership, which is putting the needs of others above our own and focusses on the growth and well-being of people and the community to which they belong. We hope this Leadership Seminar has been useful – especially to our most recently promoted officers.”