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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

RGP Marine Section officers injured after pursuit at sea

At 0700hrs 9th November, two RGP marine section officers sustained minor injuries after pursuing a vessel, observed to be loaded with bales of suspected cannabis resin.  As a result of the continued detection and disruption of drug trafficking in our waters, the occupants of the suspect vessel threw objects and missiles at the marine crew resulting in injuries to the face and head of two RGP crew.  One of the Officers was treated at St Bernard’s Hospital for his injuries but returned to work shortly afterwards. 

This type of incident highlights the continued dangers RGP marine crews face in the fight against drug smuggling and the lengths perpetrators will go to, in order to evade capture.  After carrying out these dangerous actions and manoeuvres, the suspect vessel was pursued out of British Gibraltar Territorial waters.