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RGP Officer Qualifies as a Bronze Commander


Question: What do big football matches, political demonstrations and music festivals all have in common?

Answer: They all attract big crowds and, certainly in the case of football matches and political demonstrations, not everyone in the crowd always agrees with everyone else!


In order to ensure public safety at all major events, the RGP uses three levels of command, Gold (strategic level), Silver (tactical level) and Bronze (the operational level).


The RGP’s Inspector Sean Picton has just returned from Kent where he was successful in passing the College of Policing’s Public Order, Public Safety Bronze Commanders’ Course.


Elements of the course included Operational Planning, Legal Requirements, Resources, Use of Cordons, Barriers and Vehicles, and Contingency Planning.  The task for Inspector Picton was slightly more difficult than that of other students because Gibraltar’s legislation is slightly different from that in UK.  In some of the other discussions, such as ‘the Best Use of Police Horses’ it was rather difficult for him to make a meaningful contribution!


‘Throughout the course, it was stressed that, as we live in a democracy, we must allow for some people to disagree with others and for people from both sides of an issue to be able to express their views,’ said Sean.  ‘However, always at the forefront of our planning was the essential need for the public to be kept safe. Often, this level of public safety can be ensured by good forward planning.’


‘In my 13 years as a police officer, this was one of the best courses I’ve attended.  It had a real relevance to my job and it gave me a different perspective on my duties at a major event.’