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RGP trials new 'fast-track' approach to recruit training



The RGP are currently trialling a fresh approach to the training of some new police officers.


In the past, all recruits were trained together, regardless of their backgrounds.  However, six recruits with previous police experience in UK have recently qualified as RGP officers after just four weeks of local training.


The aim of this new initiative is twofold: it removes the need for experienced recruits to be trained in subjects which are already well-known to them and it adds extra manpower to Response Teams in a matter of weeks instead of months.


The ‘fast-track’ course which ended last week covered such essential subjects as Gibraltar Law, Case File Preparation, Personal Safety Training and Local Orientation. For the next ten weeks, each of these newly-qualified officers will be out on street patrols, accompanied by a designated Tutor Constable who will always be available to provide the necessary local knowledge and experience.


Meanwhile a second group of RGP and GDP recruits, those with no previous police experience, are working their way through the standard 24 week course.


PC Joe Tapley has over ten year’s experience as a police officer in South Yorkshire and in Cheshire and is one of the new ‘fast-track’ officers.


‘Personally, I like the idea of a fast track course, ‘said Joe. ‘Some people learn best by being taught in a classroom but I’m one of those people who likes to learn by actually doing the job – as long as I have a Tutor Constable to turn to.  The training staff on our four-week course were superb but we could tell that it was the first time they had run it and they will probably make a few tweaks to the programme in time for the next intake.


Look out for Joe – and his Tutor Constable – when next you are in town.