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RGP Urges Public to Drive Safely


The RGP are asking motorists to take extra care on the roads following a large number of traffic collisions this week.

On Tuesday alone, officers responded to four road traffic collisions that resulted in several people being taken to hospital with injuries.

Today the RGP’s Traffic Task Force has been out targeting traffic hot spots across Gibraltar.

In just a couple of hours on Line Wall Road this morning, officers stopped and reported more than 20 motorists for a number of offences, including:

 4 x Persons not Wearing Seatbelts

 8 x Speeding

 6 x Using Mobile Phones Whilst Driving

 2 x No MVT

 1 x Motorcycle rider not wearing helmet properly

A spokesman for the RGP, said: “We would like to remind people that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“Speeding, using mobile phones, not using indicators and not wearing seatbelts – all of these cause traffic collisions, which can be avoided.

“One motorist this morning was driving at almost twice the speed limit on his way to work and was annoyed that we stopped and fined him.

“It’s this sort of driving that causes collisions on our roads and the sort of attitude towards road safety that we want to get rid of.”