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Risk of Explosion Averted thanks to an Alert Member of the Public


A potential disaster was averted last night, thanks to an alert member of the public.


At around 8.25pm, an anonymous caller reported that they had seen several fuel containers being taken into a domestic property in Knights Court.


Officers immediately attended the residence and, although no-one was at home, they found 4 x 25litre containers in one of the bedrooms, each more than half full of fuel.  Clearly, this 50-70 litres of fuel constituted a fire risk to all the other properties in the block.  The containers were therefore seized and removed.


At around 11pm, officers arrested 48 year-old Paul Jesus BYRNE and this afternoon he was charged with Storage of More than 20 Litres of Petrol, in any Premises, Without a Permit.  He was also charged with Affray.


BYRNE will appear in the Magistrates’ Court tomorrow, Thursday.