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School Children Visit New Mole House



Youngsters got an insight into the world of policing today with a visit to New Mole House Police Station.


During their visit, Crime Scene Investigators showed the Bishop Fitzgerald School pupils how to dust for fingerprints – before giving them a set of their own prints to take home.


Officers Nathan Bamber-Gates and Nick Ramagge also showed the Year 6 pupils around the Control Room, the Traffic Compound and the Commissioner’s office.


An RGP spokesman said: “Visits like this are great for introducing our officers to children from a young age.


“It’s so important for children to see our officers in a positive light, as people who are here to help. Our officers want to be seen as approachable to young children, so as to build trust at an early age.


“It’s hoped that when they are adults, they will understand that they can confide in us and they can look to us for help. And, it also helps to build a positive relationship in the community.


“We hope they enjoyed their visit to New Mole House.”