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Second Man Pleads Guilty to Burglary

A 33-year-old man who burgled a local bar has been given a 12 week sentence at the Magistrates’ Court this morning.

Riyen LEA, of no fixed place of abode, pleaded guilty to a charge of Burglary and Possession of an Article with a Point.

He was sentenced to 9 weeks for the Burglary and 3 weeks for the Possession of an Article with a Point – with the offences to run consecutively.

LEA was arrested by Response Team officers on Sunday the 17th of January following a break in at a licensed premises in the South District last Wednesday the 13th of January.

On being arrested LEA was also found to be in possession of a grill fork.

Christopher WINK, 31, of Coelho House, Naval Hospital Road, was also charged with Burglary at the same establishment and appeared in court yesterday (18/01/21), where he gave a Not Guilty plea.

He has been remanded at HMP until the 25th of January.

At the Magistrates Court last Friday morning (15/01/21), another local man, Robert CASEY, 22, of Lime Kiln Steps, pleaded guilty to his part in the burglary.

He was given a sentence of three months’ imprisonment.

Grill fork found on LEA when he was arrested.