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Senior Promotions at the RGP



The Commissioner of Police, Richard Ullger, is pleased to announce two senior promotions within his Command Team.




Mark Wyan has been promoted from Chief Inspector to Superintendent and Alex Enriles has been promoted from Inspector to Chief Inspector.




After gaining a First Class (Honours) degree in Criminology, Mark Wyan joined the RGP in 2002, serving much of his early career in the Operations Division. In 2012 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he was involved in the force wide implementation of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act and Crimes Act. In 2015 he was promoted to Inspector where he led a Response Team, the Training Department, Criminal Justice Unit and Resource Management Unit. After working for a Law Conversion Degree, he was called to the Bar in 2018.




Since being promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector, he has established the new Corporate Services department, which has overseen organisational development including the implementation of the HMICFRS recommendations and the 2021/2022 annual policing plan.




Alex Enriles joined the RGP in 2006 after previously having been employed as a Staff Nurse in the GHA. As a constable he worked on Response Teams and in Neighbourhood Policing, as well as serving as a Detective Constable in the Fraud Squad. After being promoted to Sergeant in 2012 he again spent time in the Neighbourhood Policing Unit and then as a Detective Sergeant he served in both the Economic Crime Unit and in the Designated Risk Management Team. 




Having then worked as the Office Manager within the Crime Division, he was promoted to Inspector in 2016, where he took on the role of Detective Inspector for the Public Protection Unit, and then in 2018 he served as the Inspector for what is now the Professional Standards and Anti-Corruption Unit as well as taking on the mantle of the RGP’s Data Protection Officer.  He is also one of the RGP’s Tactical Firearms Commanders.