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Six Week Sentence for Storing Petrol


A local man who pleaded Guilty to storing fuel containers at his home has been given a six week sentence by the Magistrates’ Court today.

Paul Jesus BYRNE, 48, of Knights Court, pleaded Guilty to the Storage of More than 20 Litres of Petrol, in any Premises, Without a Permit.

The incident happened on the evening of August 10 after an anonymous caller reported to the police that they had seen several fuel containers being taken into a residence in Knights Court.

Officers immediately attended the residence and found 4 x 25 litre containers in one of the bedrooms, each more than half full of fuel. 

Due to the fire risk, officers seized and removed the fuel containers.

BYRNE was arrested later that evening by uniformed officers when he returned home.

Due to time already served, BYRNE was released today after spending six weeks in HM Prison Windmill Hill.