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Supreme Court orders Confiscation of £1.7million

The Supreme Court has granted an order in civil proceedings for the confiscation of over £1.7 million in cash seized by the RGP as part of a money laundering investigation against the tobacco wholesaler Southease Limited.

This order is the culmination of a protracted investigation conducted by the RGP’s Money Laundering Investigation Unit following the robbery at Southease Limited in New Harbours, back in 2016.

A further £450,000 was also ordered to be paid by the respondents to cover the costs of forensic accountants that had been contracted to assist with the investigation.

The funds will be confiscated by the Court and dealt with by an official receiver appointed by the Court, with the funds going to the Government of Gibraltar.

A spokesperson for the RGP stated that this was a great result and a vindication of the unit’s hard work and dedication over a number of years.

The spokesperson further stated that the RGP, together with assistance from the Office of Criminal Prosecution and Litigation, will use all the powers available to them to remove the proceeds of crime from persons involved in criminality whether through criminal or civil Courts.

This order will show the international community that Gibraltar takes money laundering seriously and is willing to tackle it head on