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Teenager Sentenced for Drugs Offences


A local teenager has been sentenced to 180 hours of unpaid community work after cannabis with a street value of £2,000 was found at his home.

The male, 18, (who was 17 at the time of his arrest), was sentenced at the Magistrates’ Court this afternoon after he pleaded Guilty to both Possession and Possession with Intent to Supply a Controlled Class B Drug.

He was given a 180 hour sentence for Possession with Intent to Supply and no separate penalty for Possession.

His arrest came on March 10 this year, when just after 12 noon, he was seen acting in a suspicious manner by officers at the Land Frontier.

As a result of his behaviour, he was cautioned and detained for the purposes of a search.

Further enquiries and a search warrant conducted at his family home later that afternoon saw RGP Drug Squad detectives find 356 grams of cannabis hidden inside a pillowcase on his bed.