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Two Arrests for Tobacco and Driving Offences


Two men have been arrested after a large amount of tobacco was seized in the early hours of this morning.


The incident happened just after 1am (Saturday 18 March) when the RGP’s Control Room received reports of a car having crashed into railings near the Wembley Bar and black bin bags being transferred to another vehicle, which then left the area at speed.


Several boxes of tobacco found within the vehicle which collided near the Wembley Bar.


Shortly after, the second vehicle was stopped by RGP officers near Keightley Way Tunnel where two local men, 29 and 19, were arrested on suspicion of:


• Dangerous Driving

• Possession of Cigarettes in a Commercial Quantity without a Licence

• Unlawful Transportation of Cigarettes in a Commercial Quantity

• Knowingly Concerned in the Exportation of a Commercial Quantity of Cigarettes


When at New Mole House, they were further arrested on suspicion of:


• Possession of a Class B Drug

• Possession of Radio Communication Equipment without a Licence

• Multiple warrants issued by the Magistrates’ Court



The men have been bailed to return at a later date whilst an investigation continues.