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Two Banned from the Roads


Two local men have been disqualified from driving by the Magistrates’ Court today – after pleading guilty to drink driving and dangerous driving offences.


In the first case to be heard, Jamie Robba, 31, of Varyl Begg Estate, pleaded guilty to Driving with Alcohol Concentration Above Prescribed Limit and was fined £600 and disqualified for 18 months.


The court heard that just after 5am yesterday (Sunday 17 September), officers were patrolling Catalan Bay Car Park, when they saw Robba ride a Honda Forza motorcycle at speed onto Catalan Bay Road.


The officers stopped Robba and on speaking to him saw that he looked inebriated, was slurring his speech and had a ruddy complexion. He was asked to do a roadside breath test and blew 66ug – the legal limit is 35ug.


He was then arrested on suspicion of a drink driving offence. At New Mole House, he then blew a higher reading of 71ug on the evidential breath test machine.


Robba was then placed into cells to sober up before being charged for court.


In a separate case at the Magistrates’ Court this morning, Bilal Achoud, 37, of Lynch’s Lane, was fined £400 and disqualified from driving for nine months – after pleading guilty to a charge of Dangerous Driving at a Speed.


The court heard that at around 10am on Wednesday 13 July last year, Traffic Officers were conducting speed checks on Europa Road near to the residential building Brympton, when they heard a loud revving sound of a motorcycle coming towards them.


The officer pointed his speed gun at the oncoming Yamaha Cygnus and recorded a speed of 97kph, more than double the 40kph speed limit on the road.


Due to the high speed of the vehicle, the officer was unable to see the registration plate. However, he recognised the rider as Achoud – as he had dealt with him on previous occasions.


Following enquiries, the Traffic Officer got in contact with Achoud and asked him to attend the RGP’s Traffic Compound.


After being cautioned for the offence of Dangerous Driving at Speed, Achoud admitted that it had been him riding the Yamaha Cygnus.