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Two Charged with Money Laundering Offences


A local father and daughter have been arrested and charged this evening following an investigation by the RGP’s Money Laundering Investigation Unit (MLIU).

Kyra AZZOPARDI, 29, of Mid Harbours Estate and her father John AZZOPARDI, 68, of Crutchetts Ramp, were charged with a number of Money Laundering offences.

Their arrests were related to a £200,000 luxury vessel named ‘Sunrays,’ which was seized by MLIU detectives in Ocean Village in July last year.

An investigation showed that the 11.47 metre-long vessel had been purchased through a third party.

The third party, who is closely associated to Kyra AZZOPARDI and is also wanted by police for money laundering offences, is alleged to have paid for the luxury vessel with the proceeds of drug trafficking activities.

The investigation also revealed that the defendants had deposited approximately £165,000 in cash in their bank accounts during a three-year-period. An RGP spokesman, said: “During the investigation our detectives from the MLIU have worked closely with their counterparts in Spain. We will continue to foster these working relationships with a view to tackling serious and organised, cross border crime. Crime knows no borders and neither does police cooperation.”

After their arrests, the defendants were interviewed under caution in the presence of their legal representatives and charged with the following offences:

Kyra AZZOPARDI: 1. Acquisition, possession or use of criminal property. 2. Concealing, transferring, etc. the proceeds of criminal conduct.

John AZZOPARDI: 1. Two counts of Concealing, transferring, etc. the proceeds of criminal conduct.

They were also both charged for having entered into an arrangement which facilitates the acquisition, retention, use or control of Criminal Property.

Both were later bailed out to appear before the Magistrates’ Court at 1000hrs on Thursday the 13th of May 2021.