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Two Men Disqualified from Driving and Fined


In the Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Monday), local man Nicholas Jackson Rowley, 25, of Mons Calpe Mews was disqualified from driving for 12 months and fined £250 after being charged with a drug driving offence.  He was fined an additional £250 after pleading guilty to Possession of a Class B Drug.


In a different case, Spanish national Mohamed Merkadou Rbahi, 26, of Estepona was disqualified for 18 months and fined £200 for a drink driving offence.


The court heard that, at around 2345hrs on Saturday 8 July 2023, officers conducting Op Drive Safe at Keightley Way observed Jackson Rowley’s car travelling through the tunnel at speed. When they spoke to him, they detected a strong smell of cannabis and, even prior to being searched, Jackson Rowley handed over a piece of cannabis resin.  He was then tested with a drug wipe which gave a positive indication for cannabis resin.  Once at New Mole House, Jackson Rowley consented to a blood test which subsequently showed the presence of cannabis exceeding the specified limit within his system.


At around 2315hrs on Saturday 30 December, police officers patrolling along Bayside Road observed an E-Scooter as it contravened a traffic sign and was being ridden without lights.


The rider was stopped and, when speaking to officers, they detected the smell of alcohol on his breath.  He also appeared confused.


In a roadside test, Merkadou Rhabi blew 92ug (the limit is 35ug) so he was arrested and taken to New Mole House where he blew 75ug on the evidential machine before he was charged for court.