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UK Holidaymakers fined for Being in Charge of a Child whilst Intoxicated




In the Magistrates’ Court this morning, a married couple from Oxford, UK, each pleaded guilty to a charge of Being in Charge of a Child whilst under the Influence of Alcohol.

At around 2100hrs on Saturday 2 September, Tony Sheldrick, 26, was in Cathedral Square where he had been arrested on another matter. He smelled of alcohol, his eyes were glazed and he was unsteady on his feet.

On seeing her husband being arrested, Hannah Sheldrick, 33, began shouting at police officers and crying.  At the time, she was holding a one year-old baby girl in her arms.

As she also showed all the typical signs of intoxication, officers used their powers under the Children’s Act, to secure the child and carry her away from the immediate area.

The Sheldricks, who were in Gibraltar on holiday at the time, were arrested and taken to New Mole House. 

In the Magistrates’ Court this morning, they were each fined £500.