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Please support Public Health Gibraltar advice, avoid attending our public counters. You can contact us through this website or by calling 20072500 (199 for emergencies).

Upper Rock to be Closed to Vehicular Traffic

Members of the public are advised that, on the instructions of the Royal Gibraltar Police in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, all roads on the Upper Rock will be closed to vehicular traffic, 24 hours a day, for the duration of the lockdown. This decision, which does not apply to walkers or cyclists, will take immediate effect.


The only exceptions will be:

             Those who require access to domestic properties on the Upper Rock

             Those who can prove that they require access to commercial sites such as the Mons Calpe Suite, the Cable Car Upper Station, etc.

             Department of the Environment staff on official business and others legitimately working on the Upper Rock

               Other bona fide visitors (such as those carrying out scientific research) who have been authorised by the Department of the Environment.


During the previous period of lockdown, there were numerous examples of dangerous driving and Anti-Social Behaviour on the Upper Rock.  The aim of this current regulation is to prevent any repetition of such activity.


As the Chief Minister said in his statement on Saturday, ‘This is a Stay at Home Order. Please do not try to find a way THROUGH the rules: try to ensure your strict compliance WITH these rules.’