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Using E-Scooters in Gibraltar


You may have seen the new lime green E-Scooters dotted around town this week, which can be rented out from the company “Hoppy.”

So, this is a good opportunity to remind users that there are a number of rules users need to adhere to, when using E-Scooters.

These include: 

• E-Scooters may only be used on the road and not pavements or pedestrianised areas.

• The rider must be over the age of 17. 

• The rider must wear a helmet.

• The rider must not carry a pillion passenger or tow another person on an E-Scooter.

An RGP spokesman added: “What’s more, all E-Scooter riders must comply with the laws under the Traffic Act regarding drink and drug driving, mobile phones and indicating before turning.

“It’s important to note that offences including not wearing a helmet, or using an E-Scooter in a pedestrianised area such as Main Street, are punishable with a £300 Fixed Penalty Notice.”