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*Remember that you can report crimes online at*

Victims of Crime Survey


The Royal Gibraltar Police are currently distributing the ‘Royal Gibraltar Police Victims of Crime Survey.’


Once an investigation is either complete, or near to the end of the process, the RGP will ask victims of crime to complete a short satisfaction survey. This survey will be sent individually to each person who has reported a crime.


These surveys will be sent either via telephone from 54085219, via email from, by letter, or by a telephone call. We encourage everybody who receives a survey to complete it. This valuable feedback will assist the RGP in improving the service provided to all victims of crime.


If you are a victim of crime and would like to complete the survey, please follow the below link  -  or scan the QR code below:





If anyone has any concerns with the survey or wishes to have further information, they should contact the RGP Victim Support Team on 20043749 or 54085219, or visit